MS ®

What is a "Mastère spécialisé ® " program ?

A "Mastère spécialisé ®" is a post-master degree delivered by a member school of the Conférences des grandes écoles as part of an accredited programme. The label "Mastère spécialisé ®" is  a (registered) collective label owned by the Conférence des grandes écoles created in 1983 to respond to demand from French companies who wanted to recruit graduates with skills in specialised fields. It guarantees the course's vocational focus, rigour and technical nature. It allows students to develop their strengths and is a springboard for their professional career.

What are its objectives?


  • To enable students to become highly specialised in an area corresponding to the needs identified by businesses, therefore giving them dual expertise recognised in the labour market
  • To enable foreign students to obtain a diploma upon completion of a vocational course in a French or foreign Grande École

What does it consist of?


A full-time or part-time course with a vocational focus. The programme must cover at least two semesters over a maximum of two years.

The course represents 75 ECTS and includes:

  • At least 350 hours of theoretical work, practical work and group work (45 ECTS)
  • An independent project carried out as part of an assignment in a company culminating in a written thesis. The assignment must last at least four months (30 ECTS)

Only schools which are members of the CGE may issue a post-master degree labelled MS.

Who is elligible?


  • Graduates of an engineering school accredited by the Commission on Engineering Degrees (CTI)
  • Graduates of a management school accredited by the Management Training and Qualifications Assessment Committee (CEFDG) to deliver Master's level degrees
  • Students with a level Master's degree (M1) or Bachelor's degree (4 years) with at least 3 years of professionnal experience
  • Foreign students whose diploma is equivalent to the French diplomas listed above

Some applicants may be granted exemptions.

"Mastère spécialisé ®" figures:

  • More than 80,000 MS graduates since its creation, including more than 20,000 foreign students

  • Around 40,000 in engineering schools, including more than 12,000 foreign students

  • More than 40,000 in management schools, including more than 7,000 foreign students

  • Almost 390 MS relating to different sectors are accredited by the CGE in 125 different schools

 To date,

  • 75 post-master degrees have been relocated in partnership with foreign institutions and are offered in 29 different countries

  • 1 MS is offered by a Moroccan school which is a member of the CGE

  • 7,000 graduates in the post-master degree every year