What is an MSc accredited by the Conférence des grandes écoles?


The "Master of Science" is a degree delivered by a school member of the "Conférence des grandes écoles" as part of an accredited programme. The label "Master of Science" is a registered collective label owned by the "Conférence des grandes écoles".

It was created in 2002 and is mainly aimed at foreign students wishing to complete their training at a Grande École in France.

Only schools who are members of the "Conférence des grandes écoles" are entitled to use this label, and only for the course(s) for which it has been granted.


What are its objectives?

To certify, through established criteria, the successful completion of a training programme of international standards, up to 50 % of which is taught in a foreign language.

Designed to enhance an international career, this diploma helps foreign or french students to reach a high-level professional specialization which meets the expectations of foreign companies.

How is it structured?


The institution issuing the MSc is responsible for organising the course. The academic programme includes a certain number of minimum common elements:

  • A minimum of 450 hours of coursework, including theory, practical work and group work
  • An independent project carried out as part of an assignment in a company or research laboratory culminating in a research thesis. The assignment must last at least four months. The research thesis is a key means of increasing knowledge and training through research. The subject of the thesis must correspond to a genuine issue facing researchers in the field but cannot be totally dissociated from the needs of businesses. All MSc students are required to present their work before an examining committee upon completion.

The MSc programme must cover at least three semesters over a maximum of three years.

The MSc programme corresponds at least to 90 credits ECTS (120 at the most) among which 30 correspond to the research thesis.

For a MSc created abroad, or in extension abroad, the research thesis must be presented to at least one professor from the member of the Conférence des grandes écoles responsible for the MSc.

Who is elligible?


Foreign or french students with an undergraduate degree like a Bachelor or equivalent (a minimum of 240 ECTS credits are requested).

Exemption to this rule is possible for candidates with an undergraduate degree equivalent to 180 ECTS whose the quality of the academic program or work experience guarantee the excellence of the course.

MSc figures


  • 76 MSc are currently accredited by the CGE, in 29 member schools. They attract applicants from across the globe, including India, China and Morocco...

  • Nearly 1,500 students graduate every year

  • More than 10,000 students graduated in 10 years