Smart Certificate

On June 30th, 2015, the Conférence des grandes écoles signed an agreement with CV Trust for the dematerialization of CGE accredited diplomas and is now inviting its 215 member schools to adopt Smart Certificate ™. Thereby, CGE joins HEC, Science Po Paris, Mines-Telecom, INSEAD and the Versailles Academy in their determination to eradicate the fraud on diplomas.

In France, about a third of job candidates cheat on their diplomas according to a survey carried out in February, 2013 by the recruitment agency Florian Mantione Institut. All the recruitment actors, and particularly the Conférence des grandes écoles, are concerned by this growing trend.

Our 215 members pursue a common objective: a constant quest for the excellence of their training programmes in direct link with the actors of the economy and the civil society”, explains Francis JOUANJEAN, CGE Secretary General. “We must further protect the full confidence put in our alumni’s degrees".

The CGE accredits the "Mastère Spécialisé ®", "Master of Science" and "BADGE" programmes which are all registered collective brands, properties of the association. These accreditations contribute to the development and the academic reputation of the French higher education institutions which are striving to reach excellence goals. Securing the diplomas is a guarantee of additional quality which the Conférence des grandes écoles can only support.

An innovative tool at the service of the member schools

The Smart Certificate ™ proposed by CV Trust is a perfect solution to the CGE security concerns. It also is a great use of the opportunities offered by new technologies to the benefit of education. This digital diploma, once issued by the establishment, is stored and secured on the graduate’s personal account. It is protected by a personalized encoding system which guarantees both its security and its confidentiality.
It is left to the appreciation of the CGE member schools whether or not to subscribe to the CV Trust proposal, to dematerialize totally or partially their diplomas. «It is a collaboration which sets a clear and safe framework to harmonize the use of the CGE labels ", so specifies Fabien Astic, sales manager of the firm.

To secure and to certify the authenticity of our labels

Since it is generated by the home school itself, the authenticity of the electronic version of a diploma and the label it contains are guaranteed. . Recruiters will thus be provided with the assurance that the applicants really hold the required level of certification. By connecting to the platform, any recruiter will be able to check directly the credentials of a candidate in a few clicks.

An easy to use tool

Basically, any CGE member school adopting the Smart Certificate ™, will have access to the diploma templates labelled by the Conférence des grandes écoles. The school will then be able to customize the template according to the accredited programmes (i.e. MS, MSc and BADGE) and edit them in a few clicks for all the graduates of a given programme.

The processing and digital edition of the certificates are safer and prevent any risk of clerical mistakes while alleviating all administrative burden.

As for the alumni, they can instantly get their diploma by connecting to the CV Trust platform. Any risk of losing the official document completely disappears. The platform also guarantees the use of state-of-the-art advanced safety standards as to ensure the confidentiality and control of their private data. Alumni can print and\or share their certificate on their 2.0 CV, and make it available on the social networks which are now the first hiring platform in the world.

Recruiters, wherever they are in the world, can at any time verify the authenticity of the diploma by accessing the original version and thus save time in the treatment of applications.

The benefits of the SMART CERTIFICATE ™: cost cutting, and a new way to stay in touch with Alumni.

For the Grandes Écoles, digitalization of diplomas means a huge cost-saving opportunity, up to 90%, compared to the current system of diploma management, in terms of printing, distribution, archiving and replication in case of loss.

Furthermore, in the wake of the "Green Plan" launched in 2010 by the CGE and the CPU to follow up the “Grenelle law”, the Grandes Écoles adopting the Smart Certificate ™ would reaffirm their commitments towards modernity and an environment-friendly CSR policy.

Alumni who adopt the Smart Certificate ™ can drastically enhance their networking performance as the 2.0 platform allows a complete graduate’s follow-up for every digitally registered accreditation. It represents also an additional service provided by the Grande École to its alumni.

With the growing number of   continuing education programmes in the Grandes Écoles, adopting the Smart Certificate ™ offers graduates a fully-secured access to their digital academic passport to store and centralize identification information for any employment opportunity on a lifelong basis

Fundamentally, the digital certification strengthens the recruiters’ confidence and contributes to the promotion of the Mastère Spécialisé ®, Master of Science and BADGE programmes labelled by the CGE and delivered by its members.

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