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  • Students & careers

    The Grandes Écoles were designed with operating principles and methods in mind which are still relevant today and for the future.   Being attentive and responsive, and taking the environment into account are founding elements of their system. Starting in the 18th century, the French State created the Grandes Écoles to train engineers to satisfy precise economic, scientific and strategic requ > Find out more

  • International policy

    International policy Through its President, the CGE has given its views on the global evolution of the higher education market and on the considerable increase in international students' potential for mobility. For many years, the Grandes Écoles have integrated the international dimension in their teaching and operations. The CGE supports them in this evolution in collaboration with the bo > Find out more

  • Research & Innovation

    The traditional view is that there is a strong connection between fundamental research, applied research and innovation. The CGE champions a "broader vision of innovation", which is not reduced simply to technological innovation. The traditional vision is out of sync with current business practices. Innovation can come from work on practices, production processes, processes for service > Find out more

  • Entrepreneurship

    The challenge pursued by the Grandes Ecoles is to train the executives of the future to be enterprising and innovative.   Their ranks contain the founders of innovative businesses able to satisfy an as yet unidentified demand from future consumers in France and abroad. The schools which belong to the CGE encourage all initiatives linked to the creation of businesses. They develop partnerships > Find out more

  • Society & Environement

    Vision and commitments In 2003 the CGE drafted a charter which formalised its vision and commitments in the field of sustainable development (download charter). It is in large part inspired by the following reference texts: Statutes of the CGE Brundtland Report (1987) Rio Declaration (1992) Founding treaties of the European Union High-profile actions a.    Cross-cutting actions Thes > Find out more

Search results

5 results